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Rapid Prototyping

When your project requires a production-quality prototype part, look no further than Rapid Prototyping Machining services. We use those manufacturing methods, such as CNC machining, CNC turning, and 3- axis,4axis and 5-axis milling,sheet metal assembling,rapid tooling,injection molding and 3D printing, we can turn your design into a featured prototype in as little as 1-7 days. On time delivery, machined prototypes can be used for form studies, fit-checks, functional testing, and marketing testing.
Working with your print, we can machine prototypes as large as 1800mm x 1000" x 500" from many types of metal, including aluminum, steel, and copper, as well as many types of plastic, including Delrin, ABS, PC,PEEK and PMMA. We hold to tight tolerances and perform strict inspections to ensure the dimensional integrity. We are experienced with manufacturing prototype parts for many industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical among them. We can also assist with product design, development, and assembly.
 Our shop also handles short run and full production orders, giving you the comfort of having a supplier capable of manufacturing the part after the concept is proven. 

Application scope
  • Hardware prototype model Hardware prototype model
    Hardware prototype model

    Alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy stainless steel, copper, iron, sheet metal

  • Vehicle prototype model Vehicle prototype model
    Vehicle prototype model

    Automobile, motorcycle, electric vehicle and other transportations parts

  • Lighting model Lighting model
    Lighting model

    LED fluorescent lamps, bulb lamps, street lamps and other lighting products

  • Machinery industry equipment Machinery industry equipment
    Machinery industry device

    Machine parts, electronic instruments, medical devices and al kinds of machinery and industrial equipment parts

  • Household goods and appliances model Household goods and appliances model
    Household goods and appliances model

    Television, display, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, humidifier and other household appliances

  • Surface treatment Surface treatment
    Surface treatment

    Oxidation,bake paint paiting,silk paint,electroplating,drawbench,texturing

Our service advantage
  • Techonology innovation
    Techonology innovation

    Complex and high challenge curved surfaces and functional structural prototype models can be quickly moulded and remain precision and originality.

  • Processing speed
    Processing speed

    Short production cycle, quick delivery and punctual delivery time.

  • Craft precision
    Craft precision

    High precision can reach to 0.02-0.1mm,0.2-0.1mm.

  • Product quality
    Product quality

    The company's scale processing ability is in the leading position in the industry. The technical team is experienced. The material is guaranteed.

  • Processing device
    Processing device

    Advanced equipment, professional and mature supporting equipment.

  • Price advantage
    Price advantage

    Compared to the same level of sample proofing,the price is more affordable.

  • Batch production
    Batch production

    The domestic top mold team,which can refined steel mold and make the mold 700,000 times.

  • High production efficiency
    High production efficiency

    3D printing is combined with post-processing to shorten the prototype verification cycle from 1 month to 2 days.

  • Professional group
    Professional group

    Professional batch color team, the overall improvement of production effect.

Product sample
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Servise Process
  • Drawing Drawing

    Through QQ, trademanager to send QR code, 3D design drawings to customer service.

  • 02.Quote

    Customer service must send our quote within 30 minutes after get the drawing.

    Quote Quote
  • Order Order

    It's safe for alipay to guarantee the transaction after confirm the order.

  • 04.Processing

    The fastest prototype within one day and the complex pieces are subject to actual communication.

    Processing Processing
  • Shipping Shipping

    Free Sf-express delivery and lightning delivery

  • 06.Receiving and confirming

    Check the goods after confirmation, confirm receipt in alipay and finally give a high praise.

    Receiving and confirming Receiving and confirming