The prototype manufacturing pattern and scale of Top Rapid P



We use the original mixed processing method technology to make prototype, which is our core competitiveness. Before making each prototype, we must design an optimized process flow diagram. According to the optimized process flow diagram to perform an ordered operation, and mixed with the production equipment to avoid many problems.
In addition, we have more than 40 professional prototype model manufacturing engineers. Different engineers have different expertise. According to the product type to assign engineers, it is crucial to the effect of product and the benefits of factory. We have attached great importance to this aspect in the past decade to maximize the benefits of resources and reduce the costs to save the customers’ money.
No matter what types of prototype model (like aluminum alloy prototype model, zinc alloy prototype model, stainless steel prototype model, sheet metal prototype model and other metal prototype models; ABS prototype model, PC prototype model, nylon prototype model, acrylic prototype model, POM prototype model and other plastic prototype models; CNC prototype model, 3D printing prototype model, small batch vacuum casting prototype model, bend prototype model, stretch prototype model and other manufactured prototype model with processing methods), we can do. To achieve one-stop service for customers and make you more free and comfortable.