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Hand-board model than open mold in where



In the past, when people need to research and development of new products are open mould directly, or drawings of the design is reasonable, because of lack of test before open mould, so wait

until found the defective products, has caused irreparable damage. The hand-board model is different, it is on the premise of not open mould, according to the product appearance drawing or

structure drawings to make one or a few, first used to check the appearance or the function of the structure rationality model.

Compared with the mold, it has the following features:

1, the costs of less, because the standard is mainly used for test, so it usually can't be the number of too much, and because the CNC processing, 3 d printing technology unceasingly mature, the

cost of making hand have substantial decline compared to the previous. And the cost of the mould is tens of thousands or more commonly, and mould cost much millions of large medical

equipment. In addition, some structural planks can directly act as commodity sales in the market directly, the standard of aesthetic as mould made, while the costs of less than one over ten of the


2, less time, in general, mould the time is very long, less half a month, more than a month or even longer. And do hand-board model cycle is very short, usually a few days, if it is to use 3 d printing

to do it, faster, usually a day.

3, hand-board model can before products were developed as a sample at the fair show, ahead of the new product publicity, and even can get orders directly at the fair, and open mold does not

have such advantages. To sum up, hand-board model is less than the money spent to open mold to, it takes short time and so on.