The flue check valve work? The flue check valve installation



The flue check valve is also known as reflux valve, non-return valve, back pressure valve, check valve. This type of valve is to rely on the force created by the flow of the medium itself in the line of open and close automatically, belongs to a kind of automatic valve. Many people doubt it have any effect? Is worth to do it? The network speed and charged to you about is worth a flue check valve installed!
Check valve used for pipeline system, its main role is to prevent the backflow medium, the pipeline can be applied to a variety of media. Check valve installed in the pipeline, that is, to become a full line of fluid components, one of the flue check valve, also known as the interior cap, also is the ministry of construction to promote environmental protection product. In the modern housing construction, has been widely applied. Flue check valve, and give new high-grade residential, solved a problem. It can prevent lampblack flow back, and pipeline connection.
Flue check valve to participate in the smoke management, to a large extent, solve the problem of exhaust. On the market in general because only non-return valve is not in place, not a ginseng smoke management. All the variable pressure valve can pull. Composed of its residential hutch defends a row of flue gas in five prevention system is a whole system to solve the problem of exhaust smoke. Effectively prevent the public flue discharge of toxic waste gas and others home lampblack flow backward into his home. Can also prevent mosquito, moths, flies and other flying insects, and gecko crawler into the family, the most important thing is that it can ensure your family inside the air sanitation, safety.
Above all, everyone knew, or install a flue check valve!
The flue check valve installation method:
1, reserved at every flue check valve hole to install fire flue check valve, with special glue mixing cement, first with the edges of the check valve, and then install in the reserve check valve mouth.
2, equipped with a block in the body into FengKouChu oil net, net one oil box, oil baffle network connected to the body to activity inlets, smoke form; After oil baffle net check valve cavity body is equipped with a whole plate damper; The air inlet pipe body suit in check valve cavity body; Damper by fixed to the inlet pipe wall on the eccentric shaft is installed on the pipe body, around the shaft opening and closing the outlet check valve.

The installation of flue check valve to note:
Be sure to keep 1, deputy flue
Each kitchen has the flue, flue is divided into main at the same time, throughout the building, the main flue and flue is relatively independent. General lampblack is first to the deputy flue in the home, and then through the diaphragm plates into the main flue, which can ensure household lampblack is isolated. And if the vice flue connected directly to the main flue, will be due to low pressure DaoYan or smoke.
2, the construction should pay attention to details
First, select the smoke lampblack machine installation location is important. Pipes as short as possible. Some owners have to beautiful, pull the pipe is longer, as a result, after turn off lampblack machine, pipe will gather many lampblack not to go out, then fell back to the room. In addition, in order not to damage the original main flue, and the opening direction can not optional change, be sure to play inside the vice flue.
3, Windows, exhaust pay attention to safety
Some owners in order to avoid the problem of smoke, give up the original flue, directly on the window opening smoke, it can be to do so, but there are a few points to note.
First before the window or wall to open hole must be with the approval of the property; Secondly, pay attention to safety problems, generally is the metal material at the end of the exhaust pipe, if the open hole is too small, metal heat transfer may make glass crack, and pedestrians, and pipe lead to out of the window, the strong north wind to blow will cause lampblack flow backward. Best will go down the pipe after pipe out, this can also avoid the rain rain water into the pipe, and the windshield on the outside.
4, non-return valve frequently replaced
If have deputy flue to dismantle, or need to prevent DaoYan effect is better, then use the flue check valve. In general, the check valve of lampblack machine effect is not obvious, and in flue check valve may be applying a cigarette machine installation, make the flue smoke not to flow backward into the pipe and smoke lampblack machine. However, after install the check valve to regular cleaning, otherwise it will make the check valve is open, lose their effect, and the best flue check valve replaced every two years or so.