The installation method of fire industrial doors



There are varieties of industry doors. Different types of industry doors exist a big difference such as the installation method. Today, Xu Feng doors will introduce methods of some fire installation industry doors:
1.Linedraw: According to the dimension of the design requirements, draw the position line of the door frame
2. Vertical doors: fire box width is smaller than the hole size 20 mm advisable, highly on minus 10 mm grey cast, not taken down sill fire box, plus 30 mm under the embedded parts, namely down sill fire box height is smaller than the mouth of the cave 10 mm, not taken down sill fire box, box hole high aspect ratio of 20 mm (including 30 mm embedded), sill under fire box should distinguish between upper and lower, hinge holes of box section for short distances. On the doorframe fixed link iron, after looking for door frame, the iron frame connected with the embedded iron welding. After inspection and correct, with 200 # full of fine stone concrete frame and the hole clearance, and mouth mask box, according to the requirements of construction brush.3. When installing the door leaf, ensure that the upper and side seams are uniform and the gap is less than or equal to 3mm. 
Requirements: When the door is closed, the door chink should be smooth and light and refuse to have the phenomenons of not tight, loose and rebound . The door frame and door leaf should be cleaned during the installation process. If it is the paint spraying fire industry door, it should be painted twice after the opening brushed, If it is the plastic spraying fire industry door, then the adhesive sticker on the door frame should be torn off and clean with water and finally stick the fireproof glue on the door frame.