The types and classifications of prototype manufacturing.



1.CNC prototype manufacturing Make use of the CNC processing techonology of CNC processing centre and have a precision processing to ABS material, acrylic material and other materials to make high strength and transparent rapid prototype.

2.SLA laser machine
According to the geometric information of parts generated by CAD to control the 3D CNC prototype system. Through the laser beam or other methods to pile up the material and form a laser prototype.
Make use of the CNC prototype or laser prototype and through the inverted silicone mold to do the vacuum casting and to make the transparent or non-transparent small batch PU prototype with different properties such as ABS, PP or rubber.

3.The production of hardware prototype
Make use of aluminum alloy, sheet metal, copper, iron and other metal materials to make out through wire cutting or CNC and machine lathe such as machine processing. Finally, the hardware prototype will make out by doing the corresponding post processing .
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